Maya Miro Johnson is the kind of person who lives to make things — in her case, particularly with music, sound, noise, and movement as a composer and concept artist.  She’s also a leader of ritual and performance as a conductor, violinist, and interdisciplinary performance artist, building on her background in dance.

With Sarrah Bushara, she forms the experimental performance duo ~ [pronounced two].



June 23-August 23, 2021
Festival / Fellowship
Aspen, CO- Aspen Conducting Academy

Summer 2021
Premiere / Online Festival
negating gravity on a molecular level for solo violin
Nathan Cole’s Violympics

​October 1, 2021
greed is good and winning is everything
New York City, NY- loadbang Presents: Premieres Vol. 17
Opera America (NYC)

October 5, 2021
Cognitive Dissonance, or, the inevitability of downfall does not necessarily negate its shock
Atlanta, GA- Georgia Tech Concert Orchestra and Jazz Ensembles Celebration, Ferst Center for the Arts with Chaowen Ting, conductor

Late 2021
Premiere / Digital Project
~ [pronounced two] and Zeitgeist present: No later undoing will undo the first undoing.
DETAILS TBA- stay tuned!

Late 2021
Premiere / Album Recording
Dance Suite for solo violin
Commissioned by Johnny Gandelsman and funded by Ken Umezaki of Digital Daruma

Late 2021
TBD for retuned piano
Commissioned by Ben Zervigon and J.T. Hassell

Early 2022
TBD for large ensemble
Paris, France- DETAILS TBA- stay tuned!


May 27, 2021
Competition / Digital Concert
when icarus fell, was there a splash? (Excerpts from Part I)
BMP: Next Generation
Brooklyn, NY: First Round Finalists’ Concert

May 20, 2021
Premiere / Digital Concert
Spooky Action at a Distance for solo organ
Solo Works by Curtis Composers
Aaron Patterson, organ

April 23-25, 2021
Digital Concert / Award / Violin
Devin Maxwell: PH12
SEAMUS 2021 Virtual National Conference

April 23, 2021
Premiere / Digital Concert
of recorded time
Curtis Composers with the CSO

March 30, 2021
Premiere / Digital Concert
Solo Works by Curtis Composers
Justin Bernardi, trumpet

March 21, 2021
Digital Concert / Violin
Devin Maxwell: PH12
Salt Lake City, UT- Salt Lake City Library’s 12 Minutes Max

March 16, 2021
Digital Concert
Piano Spheres: Hocket Piano Duo

March 6, 2021
Digital Concert / ~
Philadelphia, PA- Pathology: Fidget presents ~ [pronounced two]

March 5, 2021 [CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19]
Commission / Premiere
Manuscripts Don’t Burn
Culver City, CA- Music/Words and Music @ the Wende Presents: “In the Footsteps of The Master and Margarita” with Inna Faliks

February 25, 2021
Digital Concert
The Negation of Art & Catechism (by ~)
Salt Lake City, UT- Salty Showcase No. 6

February 19, 2021
Premiere / Digital Concert
Life after death…?
Solo Works by Curtis Composers
Markus Lang, double bass

February 5, 2021
Digital Concert / Premiere / Violin
The Negation of Art
Salt Lake City, UT- Nouveau: new music for violin, presented in partnership with Composers Now

January 16, 2021
Digital Event
Kaufman Center’s Luna Composition Lab: Masterclass with Tania Leon

January 15, 2021
Livestream Performance
Manuscripts Don’t Burn
Los Angeles, CA- Piano Stories on Stage Series: Inna Faliks

December 18, 2020
Premiere / Livestream Performance
Solo Works by Curtis Composers
Mekhi Gladden, oboe

November 22, 2020
Premiere / Livestream Performance
all the words i cannot say
Cambridge, MA- Longy School of Music at Bard College Ensemble Uncaged: Palimpsest

November 15, 2020
Manuscripts Don’t Burn
Sedona, AZ- Red Rocks Music Festival with Inna Faliks: Dialogues

October 21, 2020
Q+A Session with students at the Georgia Institute of Technology and conductor Chaowen Ting

October 19, 2020
Premiere / Digital Project
Cognitive Dissonance, or, the inevitability of downfall does not necessarily negate its shock Requiem-20– digital project by Danny Matsukawa, Teddy Poll and the Musical Mentors Collaborative

October 12, 2020
Radio Broadcast
wherever you go, there you are
SymphonyCast with Julie Amacher- rebroadcast of performance by the SPCO and Tito Muñoz (February, 2019)

October 1, 2020
#What2020SoundsLike– digital project by HOCKET, to be released as an album in 2021

September 12, 2020
Livestream Performance / Violin
Sarrah Bushara: J’accuse…! and Astor Piazzolla: Tango Etude No. 3
Luna Composition Lab Livestream

June 24-August 23, 2020 [DEFERRED TO 2021 DUE TO COVID-19 ]
Festival / Fellowship
Aspen, CO- Aspen Conducting Academy

July 11-August 1, 2020
Teaching Assistantship
Curtis Summerfest Young Artist Summer Program, a digital festival

July 23, 2020
Live-streamed Performance
Manuscripts Don’t Burn
Los Angeles, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, and St. Cloud, MN- Young Artist Piano Camp concert with Inna Faliks

July 21-22, 2020
Live-streamed Performance / Violin
Salt Lake City, UT- Excellence in the Community Presents Daniel Tselyakov & the Libby Quintet at the Gallivan

July 10, 2020
Live-streamed Performance
Manuscripts Don’t Burn
Los Angeles, CA- Corona Fridays with Inna Faliks

June 7-14, 2020 [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]
Ineluctable Modality of the Visible
Sarasota, FL- Sarasota Music Festival with Jeffrey Kahane and Festival Fellows

May 14, 2020
Panel Discussion via Facebook Live with Teddy Abrams, Marin Alsop, Maya Miro Johnson, Tito Muñoz, Leonard Slatkin, Michael Tilson Thomas, & Benjamin Wenzelberg

New work for trumpet TBA
Philadelphia, PA- Curtis Institute of Music, Graduation Recital by Omri Barak, trumpet

April 25-26, 2020 [CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19]
Orchestra Performance
Philadelphia, PA- Curtis Symphony Orchestra: A Tribute to Isaac Stern

April 4, 2020 [CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19]
Chamber Performance
Philadelphia, PA- Curtis Ensemble 20/21 Presents Ayre

March 28, 2020 [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]
Golem gives itself a Name (full orchestra)
Philadelphia, PA- Orchestral Music by Curtis Composers with the Curtis Symphony Orchestra and guest conductors

March 4, 2020
Walking Alone at Night (electronics and two performers)
Philadelphia, PA- Curtis Institute of Music Forty-Third Student Recital, with Sarrah Bushara

February 13, 17, 2020
This Is Utah Documentary “Nex Gen” airs on PBS Utah

February 9, 2020
Manuscripts Don’t Burn (solo piano)
Baltimore, MD- Peabody Conservatory Guest Artist Recital Series, Inna Faliks

January 2-19, 2020
New York City, NY- Internship with PROTOTYPE Festival

January 3-5, 2020
Manuscripts Don’t Burn (solo piano)
New York City, NY- Bargemusic Here and Now Winter Festival with Inna Faliks

December 11, 2019
when Icarus fell, was there a splash? (voice, chamber ensemble, and electronics)
Philadelphia, PA- Chamber Music by Curtis Composers with musicians from the Curtis Institute of Music

July 27-31, 2019
Workshop / Residency / Premiere
change is the only constant (chamber orchestra)
Santa Cruz, CA- Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music: Composers Workshop

July 8-20, 2019
Festival / Residency / Commission / Premiere / Concert / Violin
Vestiges (string quartet)
Performances of new participant works
Cesena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy – soundSCAPE Festival, FLUX Quartet

June 24-28, 2019
Fort Worth, TX- Fundamentals of Orchestral Conducting with Miguel Harth-Bedoya

June 21-22, 2019
Performance / Award / Workshop
all that is solid (chamber ensemble and tap dancer)
Minneapolis, MN- NextNotes High School Competition Awards

June 2-16, 2019
Festival / Commission / Premiere
presumably dogs do not reflect upon thinking itself (horn trio)
University of Wisconsin-Parkside and Performance Venues in Chicago, Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine – Fresh Inc Festival, Fifth House Ensemble

May 30, 2019
Dance / Tap / Recital
Salt Lake City, UT- Janet Gray Studios: The Beat Goes On at Kingsbury Hall

May 26, 2019
Works by Beethoven, Zimmermann, and Ravel
Salt Lake City, UT – Studio Recital at Westminster College

April 17, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT – Terry Riley’s In C and FLUXUS with Red Desert Ensemble

April 11, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT – Utah Philharmonia Chamber Orchestra

March 26-31, 2019
Workshop / Performance / Award / Premiere
Dramatis Personae (large ensemble)
Los Angeles, CA – YoungArts Los Angeles 2019

March 7-8, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT- Utah Philharmonia with Robert Baldwin

February 28, 2019
Addio (string quartet and electronics)
Salt Lake City, UT – Tribeca Ensemble, Salty Cricket Composers Collective

February 22-24, 2019
Commission / Premiere
wherever you go, there you are (chamber orchestra)
St. Paul, MN – The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra with Tito Muñoz, Tapestry19: Reflections on Home

February 7, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT- Utah Philharmonia with Robert Baldwin and Stephanie Rhodes-Russell

February 2, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT- wild Up: We, the People with Christopher Rountree