change is the only constant: a sound poem for chamber orchestra (2019)
chamber orchestra
written for the 2019 Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music Composers Workshop

wherever you go, there you are (2018)
chamber orchestra
commissioned by the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

The Toy Box at the End of the Scalpel (2018)
full orchestra
written for Utah Youth Orchestras and Ensembles

Prologue (2018)
full orchestra

Rondo al Kubrick, or Pictures at an Exhibition (2017)
full orchestra
written for Utah Youth Orchestras and Ensembles

Metanoia: Sisyphus and Prometheus (2016)
full orchestra


Not All Cats Are Domesticated (in progress)
piccolo, bass clarinet, 2 violins, viola, double bass

Spooky Action at a Distance (in progress)
violin and piano

Tesla’s $1,000,000 Folly (2019)
bassoon trio
commissioned by Brad Balliett

Vestiges (2019)
string quartet
commissioned by the FLUX Quartet and the 2019 soundSCAPE Festival

presumably dogs do not reflect upon thinking itself (2019)
horn trio
commissioned by Fifth House Ensemble and the 2019 Fresh Inc Festival, made possible by the Steven R. Gerber Trust

Dramatis Personae (2019)
flute, oboe, trombone, 2 pianists (1 inside, 1 keyboard), 2 violins, 2 violas, ‘cello
written for YoungArts Los Angeles 2019

all that is solid (a study in entropy) (2018)
piano, violin, viola, oboe, horn, tap dancer
written for members of the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Class of 2018

Grove Street to 33rd, between 12 and 2 am (2018)
percussion quintet
written for the BUTI Percussion Reading

Anamnesis (2018)
wind quintet
written for BUTI and Vento Chiaro Wind Quintet

Addio (2018)
string quartet and electronics
written for BUTI and the 2018 Fromm Players

Somatization (2018)
piano trio

on a smog-engulfed highway (2018)
brass quintet
commissioned by Face the Music and Luna Composition Lab

Das Nichtige (2018)
Bb clarinet and violin

put on your jacket of blood (melodrama in three acts) (2017)
flute, Bb clarinet, piano, violin, violoncello, and electronics


Behind the Eyes (in progress)
double bass
written for Nicholas Mateo Hernandez

Edges, Stones, Hammers, Dancing, Paper, Poems, Scissors, Chants (in progress)
written for J.P. Redmond

Studien (in progress)

Vanitas (2018)
clarinet or alto flute

Exquisite Corpse #8 (2018)
written for BUTI and Thomas Weaver

The Persistence of Memory II (2017)

il serpente (2017)


tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow (2019, in revision)
solo violin            
from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth

crazy jay blue) (2019)
solo baritone
from e.e. cummings’ crazy jay blue)

Soliloquy (2017)
solo trumpet
from Albert Camus’ The Plague


L’aquisizione del senso (in progress)
16 voices

all the things i cannot say (2018)
mezzo-soprano and piano
written for BUTI, Ellie Jarrett-Shattles, and Thomas Weaver

Notes from the Underground, mvt 1 (2017)
vocal octet


Giacometti Songs (in progress)
4 dancers and string quartet with tuning forks

Social Allegory (2019)
4 performers (including 1 violinist), 15-20 balloons, 1-3 radios, 1 LP record of Wagner’s Good Friday Spell from Parsifal, 1 gramophone, 1-3 sirens, 5-8 maps, 2 pairs of scissors, 1 snow globe, 1 wooden table, 1 wooden chair, 1 dreidel (3 sides painted nun and 1 painted gimel), and 1 sign reading the world stage

Sun Damage (2019)
1 performer and wine glass, notebook, pencil, water, hat, sunscreen, and optional hairdryer

Gallery Pieces (2017, rev. 2019)
art gallery and any musician(s)

God Playing Dice (2018, in revision)
two performers: speaker/dice and treble-clef-reading instrument


chance/chants/dance (2018)
written for Janet Gray Studios Ensemble

” “ (2018)

Self-Portrait (2018)

List of Works as of July 2019.

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