Maya believes:

  • Music has a power and even a duty to perform an expressive, cooperative, cathartic, and intellectual role in society.
  • In both life and composition, honesty and creativity are key, because the former allows one to recognize problems and the latter allows one to solve them.
  • Great and societally-contributive art must present more questions than answers; self-reflection and dialogue are pivotal to creating music that is truly meaningful and stands up to adverse forces such as failure, apathy, triviality, commercialism, tradition, and stereotype.
  • Since humans perceive the world through a series of stories, and storytelling is an art, therefore art is necessarily the best way to communicate and engage with the complex notions that surround truth and human experience. In the words of Hannah Arendt, “storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”
  • Music is the ultimate form of storytelling. It engages the abstract and the immediate equally.
  • Live performance is pivotal.  It affirms the cooperative powers of humanity, proving that regardless of point of view or background, we can all work together to create something bigger and better than ourselves.
  • Deep feeling in art is the fundamental gateway to deep thinking in society.

“I was very fortunate to be raised in a household which valued all the arts not only as means of self-expression but also as a language through which one can approach, comprehend, and interact with the world in all its singularity and plurality.  My thoughts have always been formulated and expressed in this language of art, eventually focusing in on music and sound construction as the core of my expressive vocabulary.  Accordingly, I have chosen to become a conductor-composer, specializing as a performer of masterpieces both past and future.  I am particularly interested in pursuing collaborative and interdisciplinary work, work that questions the borders we’ve constructed for ourselves which function perhaps as obstacles rather than organization.”