January 2021 Update

If there is anything I’ve learned this year, it is that attending a performing arts university entirely online several time zones away from any of my classmates, amid a pandemic and civil unrest, with a traumatic brain injury, after the death of a relative and subsequent legal labyrinth, and with two at-risk parents and a tumor-ridden cat underfoot, is not particularly easy. However, it would have been much more difficult, had I not had certain support mechanisms by which Curtis is, and should be, defined. I’m especially grateful for composition department den mother David Ludwig. :))))

Despite the calamity, I was able to engage with some projects, an update about which I am happy to share here:

  • I, along with 10 other composers, including colleagues Elise Arancio, Aiyana Braun, Tyson Davis, and Jane Meenaghan, created a piece for a project entitled Requiem-20, through the Musical Mentors Collaborative.
  • I was one of fifty composers commissioned to write a short piece for LA-based piano duo HOCKET’s new album, #What2020SoundsLike, which will release later this year.
  • I produced a digital recital of modern and contemporary music for violin, which will premiere on YouTube on February 5th at 7:30pm MST (please save the date!), in partnership with Composers Now’s 2021 (Streaming) Festival. I recorded works by Sarrah Bushara (‘20), Devin Maxwell, Missy Mazzoli, Tania Leon, Matthias Pintscher, Messiaen, and myself over a three-month period, as well as conducted interviews with the living composers.
  • An exciting new development is that a multimedia installation project I am developing with artist David Michalek and dramaturg Norman Frisch has received a Helping Hands grant from The American Opera Project and will be moving forward this year.
  • I recently completed a commission for loadbang, which will be premiered in Fall 2021 and subsequently toured with the ensemble.
  • This coming March, pianist Inna Faliks will record a new work of mine for solo piano, commissioned at her behest to reflect on the novel The Master and Margarita. It will be released on the label Sono Luminus.
  • Finally, over the summer, Sarrah Bushara and I founded a new performance art duo called ~ [pronounced two]. We will be presenting our first evening-length concert with Fidget in March (date TBD), and are working on a large-scale commission for UK-based platform Zeitgeist.