Recap of Summer 2019 (or most of it, at least)

So!  Over the past six weeks, I have been in a total of ten cities… which is a bit much to handle the summer before starting college, but completely worthwhile in terms of the experiences I have had, the friends I have made, and the knowledge I have gained. 

At the beginning of June, I had the distinct pleasure of being a participant in Fifth House Ensemble’s Fresh Inc Festival.  Adventures here included (among many others):

  1. having my piece for three horns, presumably dogs do not reflect upon thinking itself, premiered by Parker Nelson, Momo Hasselbring, and Jonathan Thomas in a literal spaceship (The Golden Rondelle, Racine, Wisconsin)
  2. performing Bartok and Prokofiev violin duos with my awesome roommate Claire Niederberger
  3. swing dancing in Milwaukee and tap dancing at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside
  4. presenting an education show for elementary-schoolers in which we taught the kids about graphic scores and John Cage (my kind of music class!)

Then I ventured off to Minneapolis for the 5th Anniversary Next Notes Showcase, the rare award ceremony in which I participated as both composer and tap dancer simultaneously!  Stay tuned for a new video recording of all that is solid.  It was fascinating to see how the space completely changed the piece.

Directly from Minneapolis, I flew to Fort Worth for an intense but revelatory week of working with Maestro Miguel Harth-Bedoya and members of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.  I am incredibly grateful to the musicians whokindly donated their time and talent to my education.  My understanding of what it takes to be a conductor grew exponentially in the five short days I spent learning from the Maestro and the orchestra.  Feeling very motivated to apply these principles to further studies!

After that, I had the opportunity to spend two and half weeks in Italy, performing and studying at the soundSCAPE Festival (or what they called quite aptly a composition & performance exchange).  After a few days spent in Roma and Firenze soaking in the experience of visiting Europe for the first time, I joined such luminaries as George Lewis, Michael Lewanksi, and the FLUX Quartet in Cesena for the festival, at which I conducted two student pieces, had a premiere of my own with FLUX, played violin on 4 pieces for participant-curated concerts, and exchanged music and thoughts with talented performers and scholars from all over the world.  A lot of great music in a short amount of time!

Now I’m off to the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, where my latest piece for chamber orchestra, change is the only constant, will be premiered by the festival orchestra with conductors Toby Thatcher and Alvin Ho next Tuesday, July 30th, as part of the 2019 Conductors/Composers Workshop.  Friends in the Bay Area are invited to attend the concert, which is free and also features two other works by my colleagues Annika Socolofsky and Costas Dafnis!  Hope to see you there.