The importance of a teacher

When your dad decides to try out his new camera while you’re practicing Beethoven Concerto… really putting the papa in paparazzi!

Looking forward to performing the first movement of this great work on Sunday at my last studio recital in Salt Lake. I am incredibly grateful to my teacher, Yuki MacQueen, for absolutely transforming my abilities as a player and musician. The progress I have made over the last three years with Yuki would have been inconceivable to my younger self. She has helped me prove to myself and the world that I have not only the determination and diligence but also the inherent capabilities to be a musician (provided I put in the blood, sweat, and tears, of course). I look up to her and consider her one of the most important friends and mentors in my life. I appreciate her dry wit, not-so-gentle jibes, and ultimately forgiving attitude. I am proud that our training will have come from the same alma mater! Another Curtis success story… 🙂