April in review!

OK~ lots to cover in terms of an update!

I had a great time navigating the Harvard campus on crutches during Visitas last weekend (that was not meant to sound nearly as snarky as it did!). A beautiful place populated with many beautiful minds (and fortunately also many ADA-accessible ramps!). However, I came to the decision that a conservatory is the better environment for me at the moment; therefore, I am happy to announce that I will be attending the Curtis Institute of Music this fall to study composition. I will of course continue to dance and play violin, and will also pursue serious conducting study. I am looking forward to the move to Philadelphia and creating a network back east. The Philly orchestra has a fantastic line-up for next season. A special shout out to their women-in-music initiative, which ensures that the number of female composers and conductors featured this season will be greater than 0, the number programmed in most of the orchestra’s previous seasons. 😉

Having completed 2.75 out of 5 pieces for this summer’s events, it feels great to put the finishing touches on a string quartet that’s been quite irksome for the last 4 months! Onward!

Speaking of moving onward, time has been flying by. Last week, I successfully completed another rotation around the sun. Here’s to many more!

Happy writing/leading/playing/etc. Hope the lovely spring weather is proving motivating for everyone!