Late March 2019: the ever-expanding world of new art and interdisciplinary collaboration!

I’ve had a whirlwind of a week, spending a few days in Philadelphia, then a week at YoungArts Los Angeles. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by some of the best artists of my generation and challenged to push my interdisciplinary inclinations even further. I learned so much about other art forms and enjoyed thinking about ways to integrate them into my practice as a musician and creative artist in the future. Almost too much talent gathered together at the beautiful UCLA campus! There was definitely something very special in the air.

I was also very happy to be reunited with old artistic friends. Shout out to Nico, Ben, Gracie, Scott, Karlie, and Tiffany! It was exhilarating to be able conduct my new (like 3-weeks-old new!!) piece commissioned for the 2019 LA Winners in Classical Music, and I so appreciated the musicians’ willingness to experiment with some unusual ideas (and to sacrifice their knees to hours of bombardment with tuning forks!). Pictures below.

Another bit of news worth mentioning: I was selected as one of three emerging composers to participate in the 2019 Cabrillo Conductors/Composers Workshop (friends in Santa Cruz are of course invited to attend the concert!). This is an incredible honor for anyone at any age, and especially exciting an opportunity for me, being on the younger end of under 30. I’m so excited (and a little intimidated, I’ll admit) to be able to work with the Festival Orchestra, Kristin Kuster, Cristian Măcelaru, Octavio Más-Arocas, the amazing other fellows, and the accomplished composers-in-residence. I will be writing a new piece very quickly, so wish me luck! In fact, I really should be writing music and not this blog post, so that’s it for now.

Best wishes and happy writing/playing/leading/being creative to everyone!