SPCO Week in Review

Pictures from a massively successful week with The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and Tito Muñoz!! Thank you to the SPCO for their warm welcome and unbelievable playing. #legends…

Plus, reviews are in:

For one all of 17 years old, Maya Miro Johnson is an astonishingly confident composer, judging from her piece that was premiered Friday, “wherever you go, there you are.” It’s a sparse yet involving work in which a sheet of metal stroked with mallets roars like a lion and moans like a whale as it engages in dialogue with offstage strings. Atypical sounds emerge throughout the work, leading me to believe that Johnson has an admirable imagination and a promising future.”
-Ron Hubbard with the Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Taking a bow on Friday night
Pre-concert discussion with Lembit Beecher
Pre-concert discussion with Lembit Beecher
Post-concert pic with Tito and Devin, one of my most important mentors and friends and a great composer in his own right! 😀